Digital Access to Art Collections

Closeup of the University Collections Catalogue webpage

Today, we are publishing our plans to increase digital access to our collections. There is a new digital access guide here. 

During the lockdown, we have continued to make available content that has already been digitised, launching new websites and schools resources. 

From 13 July, we will be re-starting copying services for The Museum of English Rural Life, Special Collections and Art Collections. 

This will be subject to the usual copyright restrictions, and a small number of collections remain unavailable. Discounted rates apply and the service is free of charge for University of Reading students / research projects. 

Later in the Summer, we aim to launch further digital access services, including:  

  • A “virtual reading room” permitting registered users to access high quality scans of selected content;  
  • New content on the ArtUK and Google Arts and Culture platforms;  
  • Facilities to enable remote teaching with collections; 
  • Multiple image viewing in our Enterprise catalogue. 


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