Looking for a hands-on group sessions with material from our unique collections? We can support you in using our collections for teaching. Please complete the form below to request and book a session.

Other options available include curator-led training sessions, designed to help students and staff understand and locate primary resources for their own teaching and research needs.


The completed form is sent to our operations and collections staff. We will then contact you about our availability for the date and time requested. If you are booking on behalf of other academics, please include their names when completing the form below.


We do not permit bags, pens, food or drinks in the same room as collections. We have a set of free lockers which are available to store these items during the session.


A member of collections staff will be present throughout the session to supervise the handling of collections. If your students have not attended a session before, we can provide a standard induction which will include an overview of our collections, how to access the collections and a collections handling demonstration (10 mins).

We can also provide a demonstration of searching our collections catalogue and an overview of specific collections featured in the session. This is useful for students who will be using the collections as part of an assignment. You can request these options in the form below.