The University Art Collection are continually looking to enhance the research value of our collections. By working with our colleagues across the University of Reading, we intend to showcase the resources found within the Collection. Below are various available research opportunities:

Heritage & Creativity Institute for Collections

The Heritage & Creativity Institute for Collections (HCIC) is an interdisciplinary research institute with a focus on enhancing the research value of the University Archives, Collections and Museums.

Connecting collections across disciplines, members of the HCIC have engaged with the University Art Collection in several exhibitions including Spreading good taste: Winckelmann and the objects of dissemination’ and ‘Ladybird Books: How it Works’.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP) offers undergraduate students, in the middle years of their degree (i.e. not first or final year students), the chance to gain hands-on research experience on projects covering all University disciplines.

Previous UROP projects include A Fine Line: J. A. Betts and the Study of Drawing at the University of Reading.

Centre for Health Humanities

The Centre for Health Humanities (CHH) is a multidisciplinary group of over forty academics at the University of Reading, whose interests coalesce around the themes of health, sickness, and wellbeing.

CHH have previously engaged with the University Art Collection in a variety of different ways. These include looking at the Minnie Jane Hardman Collection in a session Anatomical Art in the Royal Academy.

Other Training Programmes

We participate in the Collections Based Research Training Programme for PhD students, and provide access for training in research methodologies.