Public Art at the University of Reading contributes to a thriving cultural environment on campus; demonstrating the value that the University places on arts and culture for the benefit of everyone.

The University of Reading’s Public Art Scheme is an opportunity to commission work which feeds into University life: research, the student experience, teaching and learning, and public engagement.

This project is part of the wider University Arts Strategy, which is developing a number of creative projects. Our aim is to create a place where ‘things happen’ for both students, staff, and the wider local community. Arts and culture provide opportunities for everyone across the University to think creatively; to connect with each other, as well as with new ideas. This is a fundamental part of University life, affecting our identity, our learning and teaching, and our research.

Public Art fosters debate and promotes new connections; generates conversations between people living on, working at or visiting the campus; and can positively impact our lives and well-being. It provides focal points for the shared understanding of place, helping to forge a sense of shared identity within the University’s existing communities and beyond.