Rubens to Sickert: The Study of Drawing

Rubens to Sickert: The Study of Drawing. Featuring the top half of a cartoon of J.A. Betts with upraised hand, by John Gilroy.

James Anthony Betts (1897 – 1980) led the School of Art at the University of Reading from 1933 – 1963. His most important legacy is the little-known collection of master drawings he assembled for the University in the 1950s. Much of this is now on public display for the first time. Throughout Betts’ career, drawing […]

Art on Campus

Whiteknights campus from the air: Edith Morley, Minghella, Whiteknights House, Henley Business School and Old Whiteknights House. Still image taken from 4K drone footage. Summer 2015.

Take a closer look at some of the art on display around the Whiteknights Campus


Pandora by John Dickson Batten, 1913

Painted in 1913 by John Dickson Batten, ‘Pandora’ was exhibited at the Royal Academy in the same year; it came into the possession of University College Reading soon afterwards. The artist, who glazed and framed the painting himself, was also an external examiner for the Department of Fine Art. Tap on the red circles to find […]