A Break from Tradition

Closeup of dancers in 'Ballet at the Alhambra' by Spencer Gore

Modern Drawings from the University of Reading Art Collection The late 19th and early 20th centuries were a transformative period in Europe. Developments in industry, technology and transportation altered life […]

Representation: Disability and Art

Closeup of the head of a bronze lion with open mouth

Throughout history, artists have always sought to reflect the world around them. New styles, mediums and art movements have evolved assisting the process. Innovations, including paint tubes, allowed artists to […]

Old Masters of the Future

Old Masters of the Future. Send submissions to: artcollection@reading.ac.uk. Twitter @UniRdg_ArtCol and Instagram @unirdg_artcollection

These are the “old masters of the future” – pictures of drawings made by you in connection to our exhibition at Reading Museum and online, Rubens to Sickert: The Study of Drawing. […]

Virtual Walks

A View of White Knights from the Park with a Lady sketching in the foreground.

During the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown we shared images from our collection on Twitter. For all those people who couldn’t leave the house or had no access to green spaces, we wanted […]

Wonderful World of Women

Drawing of Helen Thomas wearing glasses. The drawing fades away on the left side and is more detailed from the viewer's right eye and the mouth.

Throughout history female artists typically have been overshadowed by their male counterparts. While fighting to overcome limited access to formal art training and exclusion from male life drawing classes, women […]

“Among the Most Promising…”

Closeup of the Discophoros by Minnie Jane Hardman

Minnie Jane Hardman and the Late Victorian Royal Academy Schools Minnie Jane Hardman (nĂ©e Shubrook) (1862-1952) was a student at the Royal Academy Schools in 1883-1889. One of approximately twelve […]