Love it or hate it? Mills and Boon at Reading

Today’s guest post from Judith Watts explores our Mills & Boon Collection. Judith is studying for her PhD as part of a unique collections-based research project at the University of Reading. […]

Steamy Sentences from Mills and Boon

Tired of hearts and roses for Valentine’s Day? Delve into the Mills and Boon world of innuendo instead! Boon Mots: Anthology of Artless Extracts compiles Mills and Boon editors’ favourite […]

A snapshot of 19th Century publishing

Last summer volunteer Jenny Knight began work on the mammoth task of transcribing the indexes to the letter books of outgoing correspondence in the Chatto & Windus publisher’s archive. The […]

Turner Collection

This collection was moved back to Douai Abbey in September 2017.  Please contact them for more information: In the first of a series highlighting a selection of our collections, here’s […]

Ada Lovelace day: 15 October

Today is Ada Lovelace day, an annual celebration of achievements in science, technology, engineering and maths by women.  Ada Lovelace (1815-1852) was a nineteenth century mathematician and computer pioneer.  Interested in all […]

Recent highlights from twitter

Do you follow us on Twitter (we’re @UniRdg_SpecColl)? Our staff regularly share images and snippets from our collections on Twitter, and we thought we’d share highlights from our recent tweets. […]

Talking cake and victory cake: #MusCake Day

The first in our ‘Favourite Finds’ series looks at cake – a staple in every workplace. Claire Wooldridge, UMASCS Graduate Trainee, elaborates. It will be thought very odd, I doubt […]