Recent highlights from twitter

Do you follow us on Twitter (we’re @UniRdg_SpecColl)? Our staff regularly share images and snippets from our collections on Twitter, and we thought we’d share highlights from our recent tweets. Enjoy!

Favourite Find: Aubrey Beardsley’s illustrations for ‘The Rape of the Lock’

I’m Fiona Melhuish, and in my work with the Special Collections rare books I get lots of opportunities to spotlight my favourite items from our wonderful book collections through our Featured Items on the Special Collections website. One of these include an edition of Oscar Wilde’s play Salome, with illustrations by Aubrey Beardsley, and for […]

An A to Z exhibition: Agriculture to Zoology and beyond

Our library and archives hold a wide range of collections that touch on many of the areas studies here at the University and beyond. From law material to zoology, agriculture to English and education to typography, we have something for everyone! To showcase the breadth, we have a new exhibitionhere at Special Collections that includes […]

Manuscript of Beckett’s Murphy acquired

The University has acquired the working manuscript of Samuel Beckett’s first major work, Murphy, at the cost of £962,500, at an auction at Sotheby’s in London today. The hand-written manuscript, which has been in private hands for the last half century, will now become accessible to Beckett scholars around the world as part of our […]

Behind the Scenes: Current research at Special Collections

To kick off our ‘Behind the Scenes’ series, we thought we’d take a quick look at the variety of research going on in and the types of readers visiting our Reading Room. Over future posts, we’ll look more closely at the work that our teams are doing, from special projects to day-to-day work. Ladybird collection […]

Behind the Scenes: New gadgets in the building

It’s not every photographer who gets to use a camera set-up as large as the one we now have in our offices. Many of our projects involve digitization work, and we’ve recently installed an ICAM ‘GUARDIAN’ camera to help us whiz through digitization projects and protect our collections. Our collections are often difficult to photograph or […]

In the spotlight: Charlotte Murray

Charlotte Murray, our Archives Assistant (Graduate Trainee), spends quite a lot of her time working with our visitors and readers at the Reading Room desk, so she is the first person whom many of readers see or speak to. We thought we’d introduce her here in the first of our regular series of staff profiles. […]

Talking cake and victory cake: #MusCake Day

The first in our ‘Favourite Finds’ series looks at cake – a staple in every workplace. Claire Wooldridge, UMASCS Graduate Trainee, elaborates. It will be thought very odd, I doubt not by each little boy and girl, into whose hands this book shall fall, that a Banbury Cake should be able to write (as it […]

Exploring Reading’s Special Collections: A new blog

Written by Kate Arnold-Forster, Head of the University Museums & Special Collections Service Welcome to the launch of our Special Collections blog, the beginning of a new University Museums and Special Collections Services (UMASCS) venture, although an idea that we have been contemplating for a while. Our hope is that this blog will help provide […]