We are delighted to launch Sophie’s World of Pots, now available online, for the first time since its creation in 2006. The booklet, written by our volunteers for the under 5s and their carers—which remains popular among other audiences, especially Key Stage 2 pupils—was launched on 6 June 2006, among cake & children, including the creche and the original ‘Sophie the Owl’ (shown left).

We are also happy to publish here an online version of our booklet, Annie Dunman Hunt Ure, 1893-1976, written by Ruth C. Lloyd, a 2020 BA Finalist, who wrote it as part of her work with us in Summer 2019 through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme . In March 2020 Ruth presented the results of their research at Posters in Parliament, where she also launched the print version of this brochure.

We still have copies of our 2018 publication of Winckelmann and Curiosity in the 18th-Century Gentleman’s Library available at the price of £10. This volume accompanied our 2018 exhibition at The Upper Library of Christ Church, Oxford, which is now available online at https://www.chch.ox.ac.uk/library-and-archives/winckelmann-and-curiosity-vases . During COVID-19 lockdown (2020) the University store has closed online sales but please contact ure@reading.ac.uk if you are interested in making an order.

Look for more brochures and links to our other publications to be posted here. You can also find downloadable information—written by students, volunteers & staff—about individual objects & groups of objects in our collections in our Did you Know section.