Exciting news– after months of being closed, the Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology will be reopening! Some changes are being made for the foreseeable future in our opening hours. From Wednesday 30th September, we will be open every Wednesday to the public, via a booking system. Currently we can accommodate visits consisting of 1-hour sessions with groups of up to 6 persons from the same family bubble. (Please be aware that this may change due to government guidance.)

If you wish to visit the Ure as a researcher please contact Jayne at ure@reading.ac.uk.  

If you would like to visit as an organised education visit please contact Claudina at ure.education@reading.ac.uk  


Like many places, we have introduced several new features to the Ure Museum, so that you can still get the most out of your visit to us!   

Below, find out everything you need to know about what’s new at the Ure, as well as information about getting here, our facilities, and more. 


To ensure that visitors enjoy their trips to the Ure and that they and staff feel safe, we are introducing a booking system via Eventbrite

Bookings must be made in advance (up to the day ahead of your visit) at Eventbrite

You may arrive any time within your slot but you must leave by the end of your hour. If you arrive at the Ure without a booking, we will not be able to allow you entry. 


As we are limiting entry to 6 people from the same family group/bubble, you will not have to follow social distancing rules among your bubble inside the museum. In the communal areas of the Edith Morley building and in the presence of staff members, however, we ask that you respect the two metre social distancing government guidelines. We have installed clear signs throughout the museum to remind visitors. 


Certain parts of the Edith Morley Building, including entrances and exits, employ a one-way traffic system, please keep an eye out for signs. The closest entrance to the Ure Museum is entrance 5.


The latest Government guidelines state that everybody over the age of 11, must wear a face covering when visiting a museum (so long as they are able to do so). We politely ask you to please follow this guideline by wearing a face covering during your visit. 

If you have a pre-existing medical condition that makes this impossible, then we completely understand. 


We fully understand that many of you will not be ready to visit the Ure Museum, but you are welcome to explore this website and enjoy our online exhibitions and resources.  

If you have any further questions about visiting the Ure, please contact us on ure@reading.ac.uk or call us on 0118 378 6990. 

Visit us and prepare to explore the ancient world of the Egyptians, Cypriotes, Greeks and Romans at the Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Museum!