The Ure Museum is your one-stop shop for all your classical learning needs!

We offer three educational programmes that are delivered in our incredible museum: Ancient Greeks, Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Toys and Games. The Ancient Greeks and Egyptian sessions are aimed at KS2 students, whereas the Toys and Games session is very suitable for KS1 age groups.

Using real ancient objects, group investigation, individual opinion-giving and physical re-enactment, our sessions provide the perfect springboard to learn about these two remarkable civilisations who have shaped the world today. The sessions  follow the National Curriculum guidelines for Key Stage 2 in History, but are also cross-curricular, supporting literacy, numeracy, and other areas such as drama, art and design. The activities also help to develop key skills such as seeing, interpretation and communication and are highly creative and collaborative, allowing children to make individual choices and express themselves.

We also offer a range of Explorer Boxes for use in school, either through self-directed sessions or presented by one of the museum staff or student learning facilitators. These boxes are stuffed full of real and facsimile objects, craft activities and extension resources and are a great way to get your whole school connected to the wonderful heritage of ancient times. These may also be tailored to your in-school teaching topics and come with all the resources you need to use the Explorer Box in class.

Each session is fully inclusive and accessible to all, and can be adjusted to accommodate the needs of individual students or groups. The Teachers’ Pack contains resources to orientate the children before they arrive and allay any concerns they may have about their visit. We have an area for time out in the department, should any child need a quiet space during the session, and we are working towards being a Makaton Friendly museum.

Please click on the images below for more information on our individual programmes. If you have any questions or would like to book a session, receive our learning brochure or go on our mailing list to hear about our school-focused events please contact the Learning Co-ordinator Victoria Stevens at