Following on from the major BP exhibition Troy: myth and religion, the Ure Museum is delighted to host the first stop on A British Museum Spotlight Loan Troy: beauty and heriosm

Key objects from the BP exhibition will be displayed alongside objects from the Ure Museum, Special Collections and the University of Reading’s library. The exhibition will explore two central characters in the Trojan War: Helen- the most beautiful woman in the world and Achilles- the greatest warrior. The actions of Achilles and Helen will be explored as well as the role of fate, responsibility, the nature of heroism, the power of beauty and the essence of love. 

To enjoy this exhibition please click here for the online catalogue

A British Museum Spotlight Loan Troy: beauty and heroism will visit the Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology in Reading between September and December 2021, Haslemere Educational Museum in Surrey from February until May 2022 and end at The McManus Museum, Dundee between May and August 2022. Generously supported by the Dorset Foundation in memory of Harry M Weinrebe.