The Ure Museum and our colleagues at the Dept of Classics (University of Reading) will post a short video every day to explore food in Antiquity: ancient diet, depiction of food in our collection, cook-along recipes, and much more!

Commensality – the practice of eating and drinking together – was a key aspect of Antiquity: it was not only associated with quenching your hunger or thirst, it was about sharing a moment with family, friends, benefactors, work colleagues – and even with gods! By addressing trading routes, written sources, ancient ingredients and recipes while exploring the Ure Museum collection, we will learn how eating was turned into a ritual that celebrated all your senses!

HOD 1: At the Egyptian table - Dr Hana Navratilova

HOD 2: Spartan food - Dr James Lloyd

HOD 3: Sacred cakes in Ancient Greece - Dr Nathalie Choubineh

HOD 4: Fish plates in Ancient Greece - Dr Claudina Romero Mayorga

HOD 5: Feasting with the gods - Prof. Amy C. Smith

HOD 6: Ancient Egyptian offering tray - Jayne Holly

HOD 7: Food for gods and humans - Prof. Emma Aston

HOD 8: Symposion - Prof Amy C. Smith

HOD 9: Cooking pasteli - Prof Amy C. Smith

HOD 10: Pannis focacis - Dr Edward A. S. Ross