Ure, Annie Dunman (Hunt)

Date: early-mid 20th CExtent: The Ure Museum holds antiquities purchased by and donated by Annie Ure, as well as a significant collection of her personal research notes, journals, diaries and correspondence.

Annie Dunman (Hunt) Ure was the first Curator of the Ure Museum. A student of Classics at University College Reading (1911-14), she graduated with a B. A. and returned to the College a few years later to take up postgraduate research. She married Percy Ure, Professor of Classics at Reading, in 1918. Thereafter, she and Percy Ure excavated at Rhitsona, Greece (1921-22) and Annie Ure began publishing articles on her research on Greek ceramics. She and Percy Ure founded the Museum of Greek Archaeology at the then University College Reading in 1922. She was involved heavily in the acquisition of artefacts for the Museum, and was the Curator until her death in 1976.

For more information on Annie Ure’s life and professional career, visit the Museum’s research blog “Ure Routes“.

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