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The Cole Museum of Zoology is owned and managed by the University of Reading

It was established by Professor Francis Cole in 1906 when the University was known as University College Reading. The Cole Museum of Zoology represents a snapshot of animal diversity in the early 20th century and has always been used to teach zoology and comparative anatomy. The Museum is home to thousands of specimens of great zoological significance, including taxidermy, skeletons, histological preparations, fluid-preserved dissections, fossil material, casts, and some superb models of developmental stages and extinct animals.

The museum was closed prior to the Covid-19 crisis because it is relocating to the new Health and Life Sciences Building. It will reopen at some point in 2021. Please keep an eye on our Twitter feed and website for information.

3 weeks ago
Our camel is now with head and looks keen to be reacquainted with Norman, his companion in the early days pre-70s @UniofReading @RDGWhatsOn @UniRdg_MusStudy @ReadingBioSci @TaraPirie @MrIchthyosaurus https://t.co/Uj4pTMVSEy ColeZoology photo
1 month ago
We are one step closer to having a museum, with only new mounts, labels and the odd piece of work for @wetconservatrix to go. @ACallaZoo @TaraPirie @ReadingBioSci @UniofReading https://t.co/KX8bezQBzw ColeZoology photo

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6 hours ago
What a great way to celebrate #InternationalMuseumDay2021 with an exciting new model for the @ColeZoology by @Paleocreations who gave us our unofficial @UniofReading mascot Kevin (an Icthyostega)! Any ideas what it might be?! @ReadingBioSci @ACallaZoo https://t.co/37EBG2nRm5 ColeZoology photo
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