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The Cole Museum of Zoology is owned and managed by the University of Reading

It was established by Professor Francis Cole in 1906 when the University was known as University College Reading. The Cole Museum of Zoology represents a snapshot of animal diversity in the early 20th century and has always been used to teach zoology and comparative anatomy. The Museum is home to thousands of specimens of great zoological significance, including taxidermy, skeletons, histological preparations, fluid-preserved dissections, fossil material, casts, and some superb models of developmental stages and extinct animals.

The museum was closed prior to the Covid-19 crisis because it is relocating to the new Health and Life Sciences Building. It will reopen at some point in 2021. Please keep an eye on our Twitter feed and website for information.

1 week ago
Free-living Turbellaria; Muller’s larva was discovered in 1850 by Johannes Müller (1801-1858). He was a German physiologist and the inventor of the plankton net. It reminds us of a cartoon ghost! https://t.co/aW8IdKzw8p
ColeZoology photo
tarapirie @TaraPirie
#ArtIsEverywhereMW. Believe it or not this is a model of a larva platyhelminth worm! Maybe this should also be under #ChildrensEyesMW ?! @ColeZoology @ReadingBioSci @UniofReading @ACallaZoo @wetconservatrix https://t.co/LhpbJ7aYaE
2 weeks ago
We are very excited to have our fossils scanned to allow people to study them remotely @ReadingBioSci https://t.co/q61pnIBjZr
ColeZoology photo
Amy Doolan 🏛 @EPCOT02
Spent the day 3D scanning objects at @ColeZoology https://t.co/3AR55nAzHa
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