Emerging artist duo Jerome. and Sae Yeoun Hwang are using play to explore drawing, otherness and power, during their 2021 Drawing Micro-Residency.

Artists Statement

Sae Yeoun and Jerome. share multiple points of interest within their works. Both practices use play to explore concepts around drawing, otherness, power and painting, often working on several projects simultaneously that can connect, overlap and disconnect at multiple points as they explore new subjectivities. This multi-layered concurrent way of working feels natural, and they have come to think of it as a metaphor, not only for the multifaceted interests and sources of information that inform their thinking, but a representation of the layered and interconnected cultures we all live in.

Whilst addressing the above concepts, Sae Yeoun’s works function as nonlinear visual stories, focusing on the difference in approach and attitude towards drawing and painting. She is particularly interested in the historical weight that comes with the concept of painting with a capital P and the use of humour as to defuse and defend subjects in the work. Jerome.’s practice focuses on the ambiguity of play to explore conversations around the concept of identity. He is particularly interested in the fluctuating intersections that inform and are informed by external relative values, that all equate to the complexity of the human experience.

The Residency

Watch this film to see how Jerome. and Sae Yeoun respond to the works on display in the Rubens to Sickert: The Study of Drawing exhibition and what they think about how approaches to drawing have changed over time.

Find out more about the artists and the drawing activities created during their Drawing Micro-Residency by exploring the tiles below.