Listening is at the heart of my practice, listening for the sacred in the mundane. As a sound artist my work explores contemplative listening and sound art practices, inviting others to foster awareness of the soundscape and cultivate a playful relationship with sound-making. I collaborate with fellow artists and like-minded organisations to develop participatory workshops, soundwalks, audio tours, e-health initiatives and a range of music and sound works.

I have a PhD in Sound Arts following a Masters Degree in Community Arts at Goldsmith’s University of London. I have spent the last nine years working as a sound artist and musician for clients such as The Woodland Trust, Historic England, Crisis, Reading University, Royal Berkshire NHS Trust, Intelligent Health, The Roald Dahl Museum, Nature Nurture, The Annual Daydream Harvest, Beautiful Creatures and Festive Road. I am a qualified lecturer (Cert. Ed. and FHEA) with twenty years teaching experience and an ambassador for Hush City App, Silent Space and UK representative for Quiet Parks International.

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