Weber, Max

Date: 1881-1961

Recognised as the artist who first introduced Cubism to the United States of America, Max Weber travelled extensively in Europe between 1905-1908. This trip, and particularly his time in Paris, had a lasting influence on his life and work.

Enrolling in the Academie Julian, Weber rapidly advanced his skills as draughtsmen. Additionally he filled over 20 sketchbooks with drawings of landscapes and cityscapes.

Heavily influenced by Rousseau, Matisse and Cezanne, Weber’s works on his return to the USA were considered that of a pioneering modernist. Interested in the movement of figures, Weber often chose subjects from both the Vaudeville theatre and cabaret.

Throughout the 1920s Weber continued to explore new ideas. New York City became his favourite subject, as he was interested in its persistent movement and visual stimulation.

The University Art Collection holds a total of 16 paintings and drawings by Max Weber. These were originally part of the Coburn Collection.

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