van Velde, Geer

Date: 1898-1977

Gerardus (Geer) van Velde was a Dutch painter. When he was 12, he became an apprentice designer at a painting and decorating company. The firm’s owner encouraged van Velde and his brother Bram to develop their talent for painting. 

He was admitted into the Salon des Indépendants in Paris and exhibited his works in the city several times between 1928 and 1941. He initially painted subjects from nature, but later explored abstract styles and geometric shapes. Both van Velde and his brother were influenced by the Cubist movement. 

Van Velde met Samuel Beckett in 1937, who he introduced to his brother. The three became close friends. Beckett wrote studies on several of van Velde’s works and described them as “painting that is extraordinarily calm and gentle.” Due to this connection, some of van Velde’s Hayden’s works are part of the Beckett Art Collection. 

The University Art Collection holds one artwork by Geer van Velde. 

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