Simcock, Jack

Date: 1929-2012

Jack Simcock began work in the drawing office of a company which designed and made coalmining machinery. While working, he attended evening classes on building construction and science at the Wedgewood Institute, Burslem.  

He painted watercolours after being conscripted into the army in 1947. When he left in 1949, he went to Burslem Art School to cement his passion for painting.  

He worked as the Arts and Crafts Master at Lawton Hall Private School in Cheshire from 1953 until 1967. After art gallerist Godfrey Pilkington bought some of his paintings in 1956, Simcock held over fifty solo exhibitions over the next 25 years.  

Simcock’s art is characterised by its dark colours, featuring a range of sombre subjects against lighter skies. His art style changed in the 1980s to include more colour. 

The University Art Collection holds one artwork by Jack Simcock. 

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