de Belleroche, Albert

Date: 1864-1944

Albert Gustavus de Belleroche was born in Wales, the son of the Marquis de Belleroche. He studied at the studio of Carolus-Duran in Paris, while frequently visiting Paris’ museums to study the masters.   

Belleroche was a founder of the Salon d’Automne where, in 1904, an entire room was dedicated to his artwork. He particularly worked with lithographs and was widely praised for his skill in the field. 

Coming from a noble background, Belleroche had no need to earn money from his artwork, so worked with models who interested him rather than actively taking commissions. 

He associated with Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and other leading artists of the period including Oscar Wilde, Edgar Degas, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. In 1882, he also became close friends with John Singer Sargent. 

The University Art Collection holds seven artworks by Albert de Belleroche.  

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