At the University of Reading, learning is for everyone, and that principle guides us across our museums and collections too. From exciting galleries to fun hands-on learning experiences and a packed programme of events and activities, we offer extensive materials for people of all ages and learning styles to enjoy and experience the amazing stories of our collections.

In our museums

Everyone is welcome to discover and immerse themselves in the amazing histories preserved by our museums. Learn about our opportunities for family, school, and group visits.


Our museums and collections publish a large number of online resources to our websites and on external platforms (such as Google Arts and Culture and our social media feeds) enabling you to experience and enjoy our objects’ stories in many different ways.

Find out more about these on our online learning resources page.

In the community

The University of Reading plays a key role in the local of the town, and so too do our museums and collections. We’re strongly committed to widening participation and working with local schools and community groups to make our objects’ stories accessible for all. We also support volunteers and participate in outreach schemes, fostering a museum community in which everyone is welcome.

Learn more about our volunteer opportunities.