DEGW Symposium 5 October 2017

A living archive: Possibilities for/through the DEGW archive

At this symposium, we aim to create links between DEGW concepts, methods and ethos reflected in the DEGW Archive and current research and practice in the built environment.

Conveners: Dr Hiral Patel, Professor Stuart Green, Professor Flora Samuel and Mr Guy Baxter

“Consequently, heterogeneity, the multiplicity of discourses, not only of
practice but of criticism, history and theory, of personal story, anecdote and
biography, are the ‘texts’ which make the archive live.”

Stuart Hall (2001) Constituting an archive, Third Text, 15:54, 89-92

The DEGW Archive has initiated an exchange between the past, present
and future, in relation to research and practice that impact the built
environment from the scale of a desk to the city. The archive offers a rich
field to explore the relationships between client organisations and their
buildings. It is here that the archive poses potential to articulate
knowledge and learning practices which bridge the normative categories
of ‘Supply’ and ‘Demand’. Mobilising the notion of a ‘living archive’, this
symposium calls for contributions discussing one or more of the following

  • current issues facing built environment clients and their advisers and lessons that can be learnt from the work of DEGW
  • adaptation and development of DEGW concepts and methods in current practice
  • developing archive as a knowledge resource for research and practice

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Explore the symposium papers and presentations:

Hiral Patel (Paper)
Andrew Laing (Paper)
George Cairns (Paper)
Frank Becker (Paper)
Steve Smith (Paper)
Tony Branton (Paper)
Robin Nicholson (Presentation)
Lindesay Dawe (Paper)
Amy Thomas
Stephen Bradley (Presentation)
Chris Alcock (Paper)