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Front cover of ‘What the heart keeps’ by Rosalind Laker ROSALIND LAKER COLLECTION – 084

Rosalind Laker was born Barbara Geils in Bognor Regis in 1921. She went to Chichester High School for Girls and won a scholarship to Worthing Art

School to study the History of Costume and Dress Design.

During World War 2 she worked on the production line at the LEC munitions factory and witnessed the invasion of Europe by air. She met a Norwegian airman, Inge Ovstedal, and they married in 1945. They moved to Norway after the birth of their daughter in 1946. Barbara painted, sketched, designed and cooked in her spare time. She bought a typewriter and began writing short non-fiction pieces, some of which were published in magazines. She later wrote regularly for Jackie and Honey magazines. She began writing fiction and took the pen name Rosalind Laker.

In the 1970s she wrote many historical novels, including Sovereign’s Key set in Bognor Regis. She also wrote a travel book and novels about Norway. Her work was published throughout the world and she gained international acclaim, occupying bestseller lists.

She died in 2012, two years after her husband.

Information about Rosalind Laker’s life and work taken from the following sources:

  • Obituary written by Susan Keane (daughter), December 2012

Archive Collection

Reference: MS 5507              Date: c.1960s-c.2012              Extent: 6 boxes

The collection includes research notes, correspondence, book reviews and agreements.


Library Collection

Reference: ROSALIND LAKER COLLECTION             Date: 19692011                Extent: 92 volumes, 13 sound recordings 

The collection contains 92 printed books – chiefly historical novels and romances  published under Rosalind Laker’s various pseudonyms. Besides Rosalind Laker, she wrote under the names Barbara Øvstedal (her married name), Barbara Douglas and Barbara Paul.  

Many of the books in this collection include the original dust jackets. 

Also in this collection are a small number of audiobook copies of Rosalind Laker’s books in tape casettes and audio discs.