Einberg Pop-Up Books Collection

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A selection of pop-up books on the shelf in the store

Reference: EINBERG POP-UP BOOKS               Date: c. 1938 -2014                Extent: c. 200 volumes

A collection of pop-up books of all varieties, chiefly produced for children in the 1970s and 1980s.

The collection comprises around 200 volumes with a range of topics from Bible stories to Games of Thrones; fine art and architecture to the royal family.

While most of the books were produced for children, there are some exceptions: some humorous and others highly stylised and detailed.

More surprising items in the collection include paper and cardboard toys mimicking everyday items such as a hamburger, a handbag and a sandwich. 

The collection was donated to the Library in 2021 by Elizabeth Einberg, the former Tate curator and art historian. She collected these pop-up books following her personal interest in paper engineering.

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