Narrating the Diverse Past

Man with the Head of Augustus at Meroe, Sudan. Illustration based on a historic photograph held in the Garstang Museum, Liverpool. (Copyright, Michelle Keeley-Adamson, 2020)

The Narrating the Diverse Past project reveals how empire and archaeology intersect through the stories of excavators and collectors, and local histories. It explores how museums can support the creation of inclusive and diverse narratives for archaeology collections through historical research, and how these narratives can best be presented to younger audiences. Project activities include scoping and researching archaeological collections histories, a digital interactive exhibition, a workshop, and a survey.

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Narrating the Diverse Past is a joint University of Reading and British Museum partnership project led by Dr Amara Thornton (Research Officer, University of Reading).


Thanks are due to Sarah Saunders, Roberta Gilchrist, Kate Arnold-Foster, Rhi Smith, Isabel Hughes, Martin Payne, Melany Rose, Brendan Carr, Laura Hampden, Alissandra Cummins, Jago Cooper, Jim Hamill, Marjorie Caygill, Stuart Frost, Katharine Hoare, Sue Walker, Fiona Melhuish, Michelle Keeley-Adamson, Guy Baxter, Clare Plascow, Susanna Ivy, Dawn Cobbold, Melanie Ramdarshan-Bold, Darren Chetty, Will Bailey-Watson, Joanne Binka, Katherine Harloe, Judy Harloe, Ollie Douglas, Marenka Thompson-Odlum.