Wild About Insects – Friday 7th June

On Friday 7th June, the Cole Museum will once again be opening its doors as part of the Wild About Reading event, to welcome the public to our “Wild About Insects” day! From […]

World Photography Day – August 19th

August 19th is World Photography Day, so what better time to feature some beautifully manipulated images of some of our favousite specimens? Jim Naughten is a photographer who specialises in […]

What is wrong with our Echidnas?

We were recently involved in a 7-day Twitter campaign to celebrate museums using the hashtag #MuseumWeek2021. We were asked to use different hashtags each day so we thought we would […]

Ode to a cardboard box…

Do you know what’s relatively easy to fundraise for? Conserving and moving a huge elephant skeleton. Do you know what’s relatively impossible to fundraise for? The packing materials needed to […]

Preserving a skeleton: Part 2

After the bones are clean, they are marked and labelled to avoid being misplaced or lost, especially smaller bones, when they’re not properly labelled. The specimen number is then written […]

Preserving a skeleton: Part 1

Less than 10% of the animal kingdom are vertebrates – meaning they have a backbone/skeleton. So, why is it important to preserve the skeleton if only a small portion of […]