The Ladybird Heritage Network welcomes requests to lend items from its publicly accessible collections to exhibitions or displays that are open to the general public and contribute to knowledge and understanding.

Loan Enquiries

Any enquiries are treated confidentially within the partnership.

We do lend:

  • to museums
  • to historic houses in public ownership
  • to educational or research institutions

We don’t lend:

  • to individuals
  • to private companies
  • for commercial purposes

We encouraged preliminary research before making a loan request and welcome informal contact to discuss object selection and the practicalities of borrowing.

Additionally due to a variety of reasons including other loans, exhibitions and conservation, some items may not be available.

Loan requests should be made six months before the opening date of your exhibition.

A loan request is likely to require the following information:

  • Exhibition or display title
  • Venue(s)
  • Exhibition dates
  • Full details of the items requested for loan
  • Names and contact details of the person(s) responsible at each venue
  • Details of how the requested items will be insured or indemnified

Loan Considerations

All loan requests are reviewed and any decisions made will be made based on a variety of conditions including:

  • Availability of the Object
  • Condition of the Object
  • Conservation Requirements
  • Rights Holder Permissions

Image and Rights Permissions

Ladybird Books Ltd. holds the copyright for all books and illustrations for all reproduction.

Please email for more information about image permissions and licensing.