Missed the unveiling and presentation of the Archaeopteryx model?

Fear not! The recording is now available to watch!

Resurrecting Archaeopteryx – Bob Nicholls unveiled and discussed his new model for the Cole Museum of Zoology in November 2021!

Professional palaeo-reconstruction artist Bob Nicholls unveiled and described the complete process of sculpting the Cole Museum’s new life-size model of Archaeopteryx lithographica on the 8th November 2021. Archaeopteryx has been one of the world’s most famous and controversial dinosaurs since it was described in 1861, because of its wonderful combination of dinosaurian and bird characteristics. Archaeopteryx has been depicted by many artists in a variety of guises over the past 160 years. However, recent scientific research has now enabled the creation of what could be the world’s most accurate depiction of the little feathered Urvogel!

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