Anna Jones

Anna Jones: MPR Programme Manager, cyanotype image

Programme Manager (Museums Partnership Reading)




Anna is responsible for the delivery of the Museums Partnership Reading programme.

Museums Partnership Reading (MPR) is a consortium of Reading’s two leading museums: The Museum of English Rural Life and Reading Museum, a unique university and local authority partnership and is funded as an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation.

Partnership activity is based on collaborative programming, sharing skills and resources to maximise collections expertise, community and volunteer engagement and digital innovation.

The work is shaped by a commitment to cultural renewal and an understanding of the role of heritage in placemaking, and from 2023 our programme has extended to partnerships and engagement in neighbouring Slough.

Anna also delivers cultural activity on behalf of MPR for Reading’s High Street Heritage Action Zone. This involves creating opportunities with local artists and cultural practitioners for activities and events which celebrate the history of the high street, document people’s live histories, and explore the importance of the high street to local communities over the generations.