Troy: heroism & beauty in antiquity 

To accompany our upcoming exhibition A British Museum Spotlight Loan Troy: beauty and heroism, the Ure Museum and Classics Department is holding a series of seminars exploring themes of heroism and beauty in antiquity.

These seminars are open to all.

All the seminars will be streamed via Teams, please follow the link just before the seminar to join.

Wednesday 3 February at 16:00 

Beauty and Heroism in the Amazonomachy 

Professor Amy Smith 

Click here to listen to the seminar

Wednesday 10 February 

Who’s the fairest of them all? The Judgement of Paris in Etruscan mirrors  

Dr Claudina Romero Mayorga  

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Wednesday 17 February 

Helen: Speeches and silences 

Professor Barbara Goff 

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Wednesday 24 February  

The white teeth of a boar of gleaming tusks: Boar-hunt and warrior ethos in Homer’s world 

Dr. Signe Barfoed (University of Oslo/ Reading) 

You can watch her presentation here 

Wednesday 3 March  

Penelope: Inward and outward beauty 

Dr Oliver Baldwin   

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Wednesday 10 March  

Alexander the Great and the music of Paris and Achilles  

Dr James Lloyd-Jones 

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Wednesday 17 March  

Beauty and Heroism in Panoply’s Our Mythical childhood animations’  

Dr Sonya Nevin (Panoply/University of Roehampton) 

You can view the presentation by clicking here

Wednesday 25 March 

The charming artistry of competitive performance in Nonnus‘ *Dionysiaca* 19 

Professor Sophia Papaioannou (University of Athens) 

Just follow this link if you would like to attend