Reserve Rare Books Collection

Reference: RESERVEDate: 1500s to dateExtent: Around 8,500 volumes
The first volume of 'The yellow book' (1894) RESERVE--820.5
Volume 1 of ‘The Yellow Book’ (1894) RESERVE–820.5

A diverse collection of rare books, mostly published before 1900, collected to support University teaching and research. Much of the collection is searchable via the catalogue. Subject areas

particularly well represented include early published works on agriculture, gardening, mathematics, and English literature of the 1890s.

The collection dates from the foundation of the University Extension College, Reading, in 1892. Early donations included over 400 volumes of books from the 1600-1800s from Edward Cobb of Banbury (1806-1899) in 1918-19; 448 volumes, chiefly classics from the 1700-1800s, from E.R. Dodds and A. Sterne in 1923-24; and several hundred early English books and pamphlets from Sir Charles Firth in the late 1920s and ‘30s.

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