Beckett Collection: Published Works

The Samuel Beckett Collection contains books by and about the Nobel Prize-winning writer, dramatist and poet, Samuel Beckett (1906-1989). These items can be found on the open access library corridor and are searchable via the catalogue.

The collection contains nearly 500 editions of Beckett’s work in more than 20 languages, together with nearly 1,000 critical and biographical works and journals. Other printed material includes over 1500 offprints and photocopied articles on Beckett, around 170 journals and over 40 dissertations


The working library of James Knowlson, the author of Samuel Beckett’s biography Damned to fame: the life of Samuel Beckett (1996). Includes editions of Beckett’s works, critical works, journals and books on art, literature, theatre, poetry and other subjects that relate to the study of Beckett. The collection is located next to the Beckett Collection open access book collection on the open access corridor, and is searchable via the catalogue.