The ‘New Women’: women writers of the 1890s

Written by Fiona Melhuish, UMASCS Librarian The art and literature of the 1890s is one of the strengths of the University’s Special Collections. However, although these holdings, along with the popular perception of the 1890s, tend to focus on male figures of the fin-de-siècle period, such as Oscar Wilde, Aubrey Beardsley and the publisher Charles Elkin […]

Iris Murdoch’s The Flight from the Enchanter: from manuscript to marketplace

The publishing archives of Chatto and Windus provide a fascinating insight into the process which brings a new book to its readers, allowing us to see the interplay between the literary and commercial worlds. I decided to follow The Flight from the Enchanter, Iris Murdoch’s second novel, from the submission of the manuscript to the […]

‘Carnivals on the water’ : the Thames Frost Fairs

Written by Fiona Melhuish, UMASCS Librarian Behold the wonder of this present age, A famous river now becomes a stage. Question not what I now declare to you, The Thames is now both fair and market too. (Printed by M. Haly and J. Miller, 1684) One of the memorable scenes from the film adaptation of […]