Delightes for Ladies

Written by Louise Cowan, Trainee Liaison Librarian Originally published in 1602, ‘Delightes for Ladies’ by Sir Hugh Plat is one of the earliest cookery and household recipe books produced in England.  It contains a fascinating array of recipes, instructions and advice on everything from making almond butter and preserving roast beef to creating candles for ladies […]

Travel Thursday: John Todhunter Journal

Written by Louise Cowan, Trainee Liaison Librarian John Todhunter (1839-1916) is best known as a poet and literary critic, but was also a doctor of medicine, painter, composer and traveller. The University of Reading’s Special Collections Archive contains a fascinating Todhunter collection consisting of roughly 350 items including: personal and literary correspondence, (such as letters […]

Archive Animals – Cats

Written by Louise Cowan, Trainee Liaison Librarian Our Special Collections Library and Archive is full of interesting creatures, big and small.  They can be found everywhere from our Children’s Collection story books to the detailed scientific tomes of our Cole Library.  So far we’ve explored the Ducks, Horses and Bees but today is the turn […]

University of Reading Art Collections

The University of Reading has an eclectic Art Collection. Artistic works are held within the University’s Special Collections, and within the University’s museums – including the Museum of English Rural Life. History of the Art Collections The Art Collections exist in parallel to the development of the University. Artworks reflect the University’s institutional history and […]