Love it or hate it? Mills and Boon at Reading

Today’s guest post from Judith Watts explores our Mills & Boon Collection. Judith is studying for her PhD as part of a unique collections-based research project at the University of Reading. The working title of her thesis, which explores the nexus between publisher, author and reader, is The Limits of Desire: the Mills & Boon Romance Market, […]

Steamy Sentences from Mills and Boon

Tired of hearts and roses for Valentine’s Day? Delve into the Mills and Boon world of innuendo instead! Boon Mots: Anthology of Artless Extracts compiles Mills and Boon editors’ favourite one-liners from over the years. A few of the best sentences: He paused and then added more softly, ‘Come on Elaine, it won’t be the […]

Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin!

Guest post from Dr John Holmes, Associate Professor in English Literature at the University of Reading, to celebrate Darwin Day: a global celebration of science and reason held on the birthday anniversary of evolutionary biologist Charles Darwin. Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin! Today is International Darwin Day, held every year to celebrate the birthday of Charles Darwin (he would […]

Italy at War: New staircase hall exhibition

Our fascinating new ‘Italy at War’ exhibition is now in place in our staircase hall.  Archival material from the Special Collections of the University of Reading offer a captivating insight into life under Mussolini’s final Fascist state. ‘The University holds fascinating records relating to modern Italian history. This display will highlight the rare survivals of documents from the Repubblica di Salò – Mussolini’s final Fascist state that […]