Favourite finds: Come to the Farm

I’m Liz McCarthy, one of the two UMASCS Librarians. One of the best parts of my job is discovering things – whether that’s finding interesting material in our collections, adding items to the library or simply learning new things about our collections from a researcher. Earlier this summer, I found a charming little book at a […]

Freud at Reading

Brian Ryder is one of our volunteers here at Special Collections. Brian’s history with Reading collections is a long one; he used to be one of our project cataloguers and is now working his way through the Routledge & Kegan Paul archive. One hundred years ago, Sigmund Freud despaired of ever seeing published (as The […]

Behind the scenes: Hogarth Press transcription project

Our latest post comes from Dale, who has recently completed a six week UROP placement here at special collections.  Dale has made a great start on the project entitled ‘Selling the books of Virginia Woolf’ using the Hogarth Press Archive and is about to enter his final year studying with the English department.  The Hogarth Press […]