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The Walrus’s Whiskers and the Mouse’s Moustache: Why do animals have whiskers?


2 December 2021
7:15 pm - 8:30 pm
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Berkshire Mammal Group

This event is hosted online by the Berkshire Mammal Group in association with the Cole Museum of Zoology.

Nearly all mammals have whiskers – sensory tactile hairs, also known as vibrissae. In fact, whiskers are only truly absent in a handful of species, including humans. However, much of what we know about whiskers comes from studying just a few species, such as laboratory rats and mice. In this presentation, I will present a snapshot of what is known about how different species use their whiskers, drawing information from studies of whisker anatomy, development, evolution, and function. In particular, I will answer the following questions: how do whiskers work, develop, and evolve? And what are they for? I will also consider the applications of whisker research for mammalian behaviour, welfare, and conservation.

Event is FREE and online

Date: Thursday 2nd Dec

Start time: 19:15 for 19:30

End time (approx): 20:30

Please email to request the link: berksmammals@gmail.com

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